Graham's LDC Driving School Edenbridge

Student Testimonials

Clare Grant
Graham coached me to pass my Part 2 & Part 3 instructor training first time & I can't recommend him enough. Graham's level of training, coaching, guidance, support & encouragement made the journey to my new career very enjoyable. He is an excellent coach encouraging me to explore different solutions to problems, identifying areas I needed to improve on, helped me develop my strengths & work on my weaknesses whilst building my confidence. Graham will help you get the results you need. Thank you for your support & encouragement throughout.

Steve Leonard
I have known Graham for a number of years as a fellow driving instructor & have always found him friendly & approachable. It was when I came to do my first standards check that I was aware that he has qualified as an instructor trainer & I had no hesitation in contacting him to assist with some refresher training to ensure that I got a good result. After a couple of sessions, one with me watching Graham's style & the other with him overviewing my performance that my instructor skills were enhanced by picking up a few different techniques. That built up my confidence in preparation for the standards check which i ended up passing straight away. Thanks Graham, keep up the good work & I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone interested in taking up instructing or needing refresher training.

Alison Redford
There is a huge difference between learning to drive & learning how to teach people to drive, & it was Graham who helped me learn how to teach. Graham is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to driving & totally professional in his approach. I found our lessons to be challenging, stimulating & thought provoking but they were always enjoyable & at the end of each lesson I always came away feeling that I had either learnt something new or improved on an existing skill. Graham was never judgemental & any criticism was always constructive with the aim of helping me to achieve my goal, which I did 1st time! Whether you are looking to become an approved driving instructor or just looking to learn to drive I can wholeheartedly recommend Graham.

Stephen Lloyd
I had been considering training to be a driving instructor for several years. After doing a lot of research I decided to train with LDC. I was impressed by their honesty and the genuine interest they showed in helping me reach my goal. The course material that LDC has produced is fantastic and can help anyone qualify as an instructor.

Graham was assigned to be my tutor for Parts 2 and 3. When I went for my first lesson with him I felt very nervous but he immediately made me feel relaxed. I found Graham to be very encouraging during all our lessons and his calm and professional approach has really helped me to develop my skills as an instructor. Graham continues to offer support and advice even now I am fully qualified.

Thank you Graham for all your hard work in helping me get started in my new career.

Alex Gibbs - Horsham
Passed Part 2 - 1st Time - 0 minors
Passed Part 3 - 1st Time - 4-4
Graham is an excellent tutor. I qualified as an ADI, passed each stage first time and there is no doubt this was due to him. Graham has a real skill of understanding people and how to get the best from them. He worked me out as a person and allowed me to take responsibility for my development. I know that I was lucky having Graham to help me achieve my goal. Thank you.

Peter Dann - Farnham
Passed Part 3 - 1st Time - 4-4
Peter purchased the full LDC course but only came to me for his Part 3 training. We spent the first 20hrs working on individual core skills & instructional techniques before putting them together in a full lesson. Each lesson was also targeted on specific areas of improvement with some more specific test preparation towards the end of the course. Peter always took on board & understood the areas he needed to improve on, & put in the vital home study required to make the necessary improvements. His time & effort were then rewarded with a fantastic 1st time pass at Sevenoaks!

I have just qualified as an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor), passing my Part 3 Instructor Training test first time, thanks in large part to Graham's calm and encouraging instruction. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Graham as an instructor, for instructor training, or for those wishing to learn to drive for the first time.