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What is Grade A

What is Grade A Driver Training?

Put simply, the Grade number defines the quality of the driving tuition you can expect to receive from your Driving Instructor.

All Driving Instructors are subjected by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency to a regular test of continued fitness and ability to teach, and are graded with A being the highest. This assessment is called a 'Check Test' and approximately only about 7% of instructors ever achieve the Grade A level. The following is an outline of the DVSA's description of a Grade A lesson.

  • The instructors's overall performance is to a very high standard with no significant instructional weaknesses.
  • A concise and accurate recap on the previous lesson was given with realistic, attainable objectives set for the current lesson. There was dialogue, with pupil involvement.
  • The ADI consistently demonstrated the ability to vary/select the most appropriate instructional techniques to suit the needs, aptitude and ability of the pupil.
  • They were quick to recognise and address all relevant driving faults and provided thoroughly sound analysis. Prompt and appropriate remedial action took place.
  • An appropriate route was chosen for the pupil's ability and experience and the instructor took every opportunity to develop the pupil's driving skills and awareness using the problems presented en route.
  • An appropriate learning environment was created to positively encourage the further development of the pupil's skills and good driving practice.
  • The lesson concluded with a concise recap, which was an accurate overview of the lesson.
  • The strengths and weaknesses in the pupil's performance were identified and discussed constructively.
  • Realistic and appropriate objectives were set for the next lesson.
  • A professional attitude and approach to the pupil was shown throughout the lesson.

I justifiably proud of being awarded the accolade of a Grade A Driving Instructor and of being certified as providing driving tuition of the highest standard. I am continuing to increase, improve and update my knowledge and instructional skills to ensure that my learner driving service to you is second to none.

Therefore, don't take it for granted that a Driving Instructor is qualified. Ask to see their recent Grading Certificate and remember - if they don't advertise it, think 'why not?'